It’s been a busy morning in the universe. The Planet guested on “Good Morning, Pittsfield” with John Krol. We didn’t feel we were on our A-game. Thought-wise all was fine, but mouth could not keep up with mind. We’ve been doing live radio for too long to know it happens now and then.

Krol did a good job taking care of any slack. When The Planet pressed him for an assessment on Chris “No Show” Speranzo abysmal campaign, Krol said Chris is blowing it. Krol said he would never duck a debate. You roll up your sleeves and say “Let’s go.” John Barrett followed The Planet for the second half hour, and before he went on, Der Wunderbarrett told us in the green room, that Speranzo was making a big mistake by not debating Mark Miller. His advice? Get in front of the Vox/WBEC microphones tomorrow at 11 a.m., when Miller sits in with Your Truly, Clarence Fanto, and Larry the K.

Seconds, Anyone?

After the WTBR/PCTV gig, we hoofed it to WBEC/Vox later to host/moderate/referee a forum discussion among the three candidates for the 2nd Berkshire seat being vacated by Denis Guyer. We enjoyed continuing from the primaries our revelries with GOP hopeful Mike Case and Dem candidate Paul Mark. The Planet also found independent candidate, Buckland selectman Stefan Racz to our satisfaction and gusto. This was our first time meeting him. He favorably impressed.

We will reflect at greater length and with added consideration on this race later tonight, when we get time to sit for more than a couple minutes. For now, let us offer three quick takes. CASE — the most passionate; commendable transparency. RACZ — the most erudite; measured thoughtfulness.  MARK — the most cunning; back-stage maneuvering.

Later tonight, The Planet babysits a live, TV forum at Berkshire Community College involving the three candidates looking to become your next state auditor. The debate runs the hour from 7 to 8 p.m. We have thrown out the clock and will aim to get these three stiffs to mix it up. We’ll be dressed for the occasion, a concession we grudgingly make for the TV cameras. You know, on radio we are handsomer and taller. Funny how that works.

More later. Adios. Vaya con Dios.

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