Speranzo the Bum; Plus, the Big Lie on Track

The charade that Chris Speranzo is trying to foist over the understandably apathetic electorate must not be allowed to succeed. Voters must DEMAND that he announce, immediately, which office he intends to pursue: re-election as 3rd Berkshire rep or appointment as clerk magistrate.

Spurs has come to represent all that is resentful about the condition of politics today.

We have elaborated earlier and elsewhere the scheme: Democrat Speranzo breezes in on election day and wins another term as state rep. He resigns the cakewalk shortly thereafter to take the clerk’s job, which has been rigged in his favor, and some job it is. The job is unnecessary (proven by the fact that its been unfilled for some time with no loss of productivity by the courts], it’s no-show, it’s make-work, and it pays $110,000 per annum (with benefits, around $140,000).

Spurs’ resignation will set up a special election costing taxpayers $25,000. The local bosses have handpicked Ward 5 city councilor Jonathan Lothrop as the stooge who runs and — not miraculously — wins the special election, a victory guaranteed by one-party totalitarianism.

People, don’t let this happen. Contact Speranzo and insist that he defecate or get off the pot. Here’s his contact information, but be warned, he’s in hiding after we spilled the beans:

We will add that Spurs has been harder to locate recently than Judge Crater and the ghost of Amelia Earhart. The Planet has attempted to reach him for comment by e-mail, phone, pony express, and carrier pigeon. No dice. He’s laying low as a rat who has spied the cat.

The Planet is scheduled to moderate a debate for 3rd Berkshire District on Tuesday, Oct. 26, 11 a.m. to noon, for the Vox network (WBEC AM 1420). Speranzo has been ducking our invitation. Fine, it’s a free country, but fair warning. Spurs better not duck the debate. We won’t go easy on him either way, but at least if he shows up, he can explain it in his own words.

All Aboard for a Train Wreck

The numbers don't add up.

Another 1,000 “potential jobs for the Berkshires. That’s what the developers of the private Housatonic Railroad Company say will build if they use our money to install rail service between the Berkshires and New York City. Pull-ease.

Citing a self-commissioned marketing study immediately calls into suspicion the data used by the company. The study claims the rail link would get two million passengers a year and generate an immediate 200 jobs with 800 more possible. Where do they make up such crud. Apparently, the developer believes in a PR tactic pioneered by ad genius Adolph Hitler called The Big Lie, which is, oddly, more believable than the little variety.

Here’s the best part: they estimate a $200 million cost, and the developers admit they won’t be using their own money or that of private investors. So how are they going to pay? Got a mirror? Notice how these great bastard believers in capitalism never want to risk any of their money?

In today’s Berkshire Eagle, which devoted most of page one to this RR fantasy, 2nd Berkshire State Rep. William “Smitty” Pignatelli showed himself on target. Smitty correctly pointed out that the marketing data is useless and unreliable, and said the plan was pie-in-the sky seen through “rose-colored glasses.” Senator Ben “Dover” Downing bought into the fantasy, however, making reasonable people to wonder what the payoff was. So Ben Dover, how much you getting out of the deal?

Downing is quoted in Trevor Jones’ Eagle piece thusly: “Prior to this report, it was very theoretical. … By taking the step of doing the study, it’s now, ‘if we build it, we know they will come.'” What the senator means is that he’s going to be carrying water for someone, and that stuff doesn’t come cheaply. What, you think our representatives to the General Court don’t know about high finance?

Oranges and Lemons

No post yesterday, as several of you noted. The Planet decided to disappear from all work and enjoy some R&R. We did we end up? In the Carrier Dome, with an intimate gathering of 44,000 of our closest friends, for the Homecoming football game between the Orangemen and Pitt. Don’t ask the final score, but we had a splendid time.

5 Responses to “Speranzo the Bum; Plus, the Big Lie on Track”

  1. Jeff Ferrin
    October 17, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

    I agree about Speranzo. If he was a real leader he would have been open about his intentions. He was going to get my vote until all this became public and he has failed to comment. Avoidance is not a good thing in any way. It is just as bad as Ruberto’s silence to the tax payers about all his secrets with Inhelder, Peda and the $100,000 transfer of funds to BEDC without a bid for the services requested and the ethical violations as well, Wahconah Park and Buddy Lewis’s inability to two years in a row pay his bills and fulfill the illegal contract he is allowed to continue under. So I would encourage anyone who was going to vote for him that is not in his back pocket or endorsing this type of dishonesty and perpetration upon the tax payers that will be footing the bill if this happens, to not vote for him. I do not like the green party candidate either but would rather have someone who is at least honest than someone who is hiding. At least if Spiranzo is not voted in it at least takes away part of the plan. We have not heard councilor Lothrup publicaly state he would not run nor that he was interested in the Rep job. Maybe we need to find that out from him. Keep digging and I will be watching the debate if televised as well. Or can we attend in person? Either way we will see what kind of candidate our 3rd district rep is when he fails to show up. That will be the proof we are looking for. So Mr. Speranzo if you are a real man and a real representative you will come out and tell us the truth and if you are, an in for the clerks position then withdrawl from the race and take the damn job. But do not play dirty politics at our expense and deception. Be transparent and honest with the people who put you in, the office you have and trusted you to advocate on their behalf. What a let down.

  2. Pocahontas
    October 17, 2010 at 8:08 pm #

    I hope people take you advice and not let the fast one pulled by “Spurs” as you call him take place. He also should not duck your debate. I know I for one will be watching how this unfolds and I vote.

  3. For Pittsfield
    October 18, 2010 at 6:55 am #

    Once again Valenti whips up hysteria over two “non stories.” Chris Speranzo is an honorable man, and the fact that he is being considered for the magistrate’s job is a testimony to nothing but his talents. The rail project is worth pursuing. Leave it to Valenti the ringmaster of melodrama to whip up his chosen few disciples ala the Jeff Ferrins and Gleasons.

  4. danvalenti
    October 18, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    Dear For Pittsfield, Thanks for your perceptive comments. Good gosh, “the ringmaster of melodrama.” Your use of the definite article “the” as opposed to the indefinite raises my “ringmaster-liness” from the generic to the positively unique. Best, DAN

  5. Jim Gleason
    October 18, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    To for pittsfield: I don’t need Dan to get angry, but he helps. The truth should be enough to whip everyone really “for Pittsfield” into a frenzy of anger. These snake oil salesman are not “FOR pITTSFIELD” only for themselves. You should be angry too, but I guess denial is still a viable political tool, even in this day and age.