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(FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE,WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22, 2012) — THE PLANET thought to talk with one essential party in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre whose voice has heretofore been missing. That would be our Right Honorable Good Friend, council president Kevin Sherman.


The new council’s tenure hasn’t even included four meetings, and already, President Sherman has had his parliamentary mettle tested. Did Sherman act correctly in allowing a free-reign discussion of the objections to Ferrin’s nomination, or did he play too much the “nice guy” and in doing so allow the meeting to get away from him?

For out point of view, we thought Sherman walked the tightrope as well as could be expected. He made it to the other side without falling into the lava pit created by Jonathan Lothrup in the manner that he introduced his objections to Mayor Dan Bianchi‘s appointment of Jeff Ferrin to the ambulance review board.

THE PLANET’s instincts will always be to free, wide-ranging, no holds barred debate, discussion and deliberation. In parliamentary procedure, the chair should wield the gavel sparingly yet judiciously. The chair must know when to hold, hit, and lay the cards on the table.

Just as Sherman was right in allowing John Krol and Barry Clairmont wide latitude in their questioning of PEDA’s Corydon Thurston, he made the right play in his handling of the Ferrin appointment. Some have objected that the tone of the Gang of Four (Lothrop, Clairmont, Chris Yon, and Paul Capitanio) was too overtly political, but we remind everyone that councilors are, in fact, engaged in politics. Does an individual councilor put service to his constituents and to We The People above the selfish aims of crass politics? That seems to be a more relevant question, one that is often as difficult to determine as a person’s “character.”

Before we say anything else, let’s not forget this essential fact: Jeff Ferrin is an EMT. By training, by temperament, and by disposition, he is more than qualified to sit on the ambulance review board.

‘Character’? Who Can Read the Soul of the Person Next to Them?

Who possesses such insight as to judge definitively a person’s “character”? Most of us are not like the student teller of the Woody Allen joke: “I got kicked out of my metaphysics final for looking into the soul of the kid next to me.”

We can and should make judgments on the actions of public figures. Compare that general statement, though, with the specifics of the Ferrin case. Ferrin’s past employment record with the city of Pittsfield is well known and documented. Ferrin himself set a shining example for honesty and transparency when in two campaigns (’09 mayoral and ’11 council) put everything out in the open.

Ferrin received write-ups amounting to harassment by his employers in the DPW because he was a whistle blower. He saw corruption and pursued it. He uncovered a massive, six-figure overtime theft in the water department, for example. This being Pittsfield, no charges were brought. The accused were simply told to pack their bags quietly and get out of town.

It’s clear to this writer that the Gang of Four went after Ferrin (a) as payback to a whistle blower. By using Ferrin as an example, the GOB wishes to maintain an atmosphere of fear and intimidation that prevents otherwise good people from speaking out about what they know of local government corruption, malfeasance, and misappropriation. They also “got” him (b) to send a message to Bianchi that there are plenty of people who are looking for any excuse to make the next two years as miserable as possible for the new mayor.

Sherman’s Statement on the Massacre

With that being said, here are President Sherman’s remarks, verbatim:

I think we all need to pump the breaks a little regarding this issue.  In the past, though rare, we have had appointments debated for whatever reason and my stance has always been that the sitting mayor should have the right to appoint whomever he or she feels fit to serve.  This is particularly true when we are talking about volunteer boards.  I felt that way when Mayor Ruberto was appointing and not re-appointing members to the School Building Needs Commission in 2008 and this past Fall when he was making appointments and re-appointments.  We are not a personnel review board.  In prior votes, though I may not have agreed with my colleagues, I have always respected their votes and their right to make their own decisions.  I think it is ironic, if not hypocritical, though, that some public perception appears to now favor unanimous decisions whereas in previous years that would be considered a “rubber stamp.”  But I digress. 


Going into our Feb. 14 meeting, I had a feeling that we may have had some opposed to one or two nominations but I did not know that we would be discussing a man’s past personnel record.  While the information was public in more ways than one given the nominee’s exposure over the past several years, I was surprised that it was discussed as much as it was.  My preference would have been more communication on the part of councilors with Mayor Bianchi prior to the meeting to make sure he was aware of any concerning items and to get his take on the matter.  Also, a heads up to me prior to the night of the meeting that this matter was going to be broached so broadly would have helped me gather my thoughts on how to handle it.  On a side note, Executive Session never came up because it was not a current personnel nor legal matter.  It was also public information as opposed to allegations so I did not feel that personal attacks were being levied. 


All that being said, the bottom line is that we have 11 diverse councilors who have the right and power to vote however they choose and defend their votes in a professional and civil manner.  We have seen this for the past several years and debate should not be discouraged.  Nor should matters be handled or debated outside of the public meeting.  My regret in this matter is the amount of attention that it has garnered. 


This issue will be voted on, up or down, in the near future and then we can get back to the business of the people, the vast majority of whom are worried about living paycheck to paycheck, the state of their children’s’ schools, and the fact that we continue to have some nut (or nuts) holding up small businesses. I think the energy of our leaders and our citizens should be poured into those issues and I know that they will.  In the meantime, we can not treat every meeting and every vote as a life or death experience.  That’s not the type of leadership our city needs.  


We have good councilors and I’m excited to work with all of them for the next two years.  Our new councilors have already each offered contributions in meetings and through constituent work and our veterans are filling their new roles.  I think it’s fitting on Presidents’ Day that we all step back from this tempest and remember why we got involved in the first place. 


We thank our Right Honorable Good Friend for his comments. The well-written missive confirms: the Gang of Four sandbagged him. Sherman points out the proper way for the Gang to have expressed their concerns: By talking to Bianchi first. Did any of the Gang do that? No. Clearly, they were out for blood.

Ain’t politics heck.






The utterly unorthodox and bizarre nature of Pittsfield politics can always be counted on to produce some gems, and we present the latest one here. It involved two names in the news of recent vintage: Cliffy and Meredith Nilan, with Lynn Nilan (wife and mom, respectively) thrown in to boot. No, it’s not that the Nilans have filed for Homestead protection on their Winesap Road dwelling, although they have. No, it’s not that Meredith Nilan’s criminal history prior to the criminal charges she faces after being accused in the Nilan-Moore Case.

Dig this: The Party Girl, her Enabler Dad, and the Mom are running for elected office!!!!

You heard the one about the kid who murdered both his parents and then, in court, asked for pardon because he’s an orphan? Cliffy and Meredith Nilan’s bid for election to the Democratic Committee falls into the category of Gall, Unmitigated. Yeah, you can throw the mom in there, too.

It usually warms our hearts to see father-daughter bonding, but in this case, we’ll make an exception. Mr. Welk, strike up the band: “Daddy’s Little Girl,” please. There won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Correspondent  Reports that Meredith and Cliff Nilan are Asking Local Democrats to Elect Them!! (Notice the Exclamation Points!!)

Sandy, one of THE PLANET’s correspondents, broke the news over the weekend: On March 6, the Pittsfield Democratic Party’s Ward 3 Committee will hold elections (we think it’s to send delegates to the state convention, but does it even matter?). Sandy reports, “There are nine slots, and they are in two of them. And Jeff Ferrin’s nomination gets tabled. Only in Pittsfield.”

Given the precedent set in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (a.k.a. the Jeff Ferrin witch hunt), we call upon our Right Honorable Good Friend, Ward 3 Councilor Paul Capitanio, to please look into “the character” not just of Cliff and Meredith Nilan, but also the other seven candidates. One can’t be too sure. They are, you know, local Democrats, which implies a certain amount of kow-towing to — what shall we call it? — The GOB Machine, The System, Da Boyz?

Oh, wait. We also hear that Cappy and his wife are on the Ward 3 Democratic Committee ballot … as is Mr. and Mrs. Remo DelGallo, J. Tyer, and J. DiSimoni. A qualified voter can select candidates separately or vote them in as a group of nine. Cozy, isn’t it?

We ask Capitanio to launch an investigation into the  suitability for public office of all of these candidates based upon “character.” This should easy for you to do, Cappy, since you have experience with this sort of business as recently as one week ago.  You were one of the ones who agreed that a person’s “character” had to come into play when said person was being nominated for public office … a volunteer position on a less-than-glamourous public board, no less.

We Offer Mr. Capitanio a Line of Questioning to Pursue 

We’re not making any accusations of any of the Ward Three Committee candidates, mind you, but we ask Cappy to check — deeply, we urge — into all of the Ward 3 candidates’ “characters.” Since “character” is now a vital concern in public life, we  would rather err on the side of caution than to let a varmint slip through, however unlikely that may appear, given the cast of characters.

In the spirit of public citizenship, THE PLANET offers sample questions of the type Capitanio can pursue:

Probe into whether any of them have  engaged in questionable behavior as a result of their employment. Ask, please, if any of them hold a seat of power in the local fiefdom known as  GOBania. Ask: Has any candidate covered up for anyone accused of crime?  Do any of them have eternal loyalties to Angelo “Tell ’em Angelo sent you” Stracuzzi? Or are they all Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Miss Cleans … all Knights in Shining Armor, all Twinkie Good Shoes and Rebeccas of Sunnybrook Farm, as we hope and assume they are? Remember, YOU are one of the ones, Paul Capitanio, who brought up the “character” issue.

For an important position like Ward 3 Committee Democratic Party delegate, don’t you want to make sure of a few things, such as: Is any of the candidates a known party animal? Do any of them drink like rainbow trouts? Do any of the candidates combine a love of alcohol, texting, and driving? Are any of them considered “dumb blonds”? Do any of them have multiple criminal charges in their past? Have any of the candidates been leveled with criminal charges recently?  Are any of the candidates known in their respective neighborhoods to be reckless drivers, almost always going well past the speed limit? Do acquaintances describe any of the candidates as vain, self-centered, spoiled rotten, and with a “gimme” mentality? Again, we aren’t saying that anyone up for election has these issues, but shouldn’t you be sure?

Thank you, Mr. Capitanio, for your due diligence and fair application of just standards for all —and not only dished out on the basis of political friends or foes. It’s about “character,” as you demonstrated at the council meeting Tuesday night … or are we mistaken?



Yesterday, we were able to easily shoot down ridiculous accusations that we were in Michigan, Arizona, or both — apparently politicking — with film to prove it. THE PLANET spent all day yesterday, physically, right here in the beautiful Berkshires.

Our stay included a delightful time on “Out Front TV,” a show produced by the Berkshire County Republican Association. We taped the hour with host Jim Bronson and co-guest Bill Sturgeon, WBRK talkmeister. Dave Bubriski, Peter Giftos, Mike Case, and Zeus himself, among others, can testify to our appearance in the PCTV studios and later, at Zucco’s, where we were the guest speaker and diner. We finally got a chance to meet, in person, a man we have long admired: Judge Sacco, who told us he still carries in his wallet a tattered, yellowed newspaper clipping of one of our newspaper columns: the one we wrote on the late, great Fr. Camillo Santini of Mt. Carmel Church.

Check the PCTV schedule for the replay schedule. It was a lively show, and we thank our good friends for their hospitality.







  1. Silence Dogood
    February 22, 2012 at 9:00 am #

    Now with Anthony Weiner gone the Sheriff could take his place. I only hope that Barney Frank has no such photos.

  2. tito
    February 22, 2012 at 9:53 am #

    Wonder if Sturgeon has an autographed picture of his boy?

  3. Ron Kitterman
    February 22, 2012 at 10:03 am #

    On to Victory !! LOL

    • Silence Dogood
      February 22, 2012 at 10:10 am #


  4. irvin corey
    February 22, 2012 at 10:54 am #

    Election and Organization
    The basic legal organization of political parties in Massachusetts are the ward and town committees. Each political party may elect a ward or town committee consisting of three to thirty-five members in each ward of a city and in each town for a four year term. Members of ward and town committees serve in the following capacities:
    • represent their party at the local neighborhood level;
    • promote the objectives of the party; and
    • work for the nomination and election of party candidates.

    • irvin corey
      February 22, 2012 at 10:55 am #

      This is from Sec. of State Galvin’s website

  5. irvin corey
    February 22, 2012 at 10:57 am #

    ward 3 will be well represented at the local and neighborhood level…LOL

  6. tito
    February 22, 2012 at 11:02 am #

    Your off the charts I man, funny stuff!

  7. irvin corey
    February 22, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

    I can think of many politicians who I would not care to see in the Babeau/Weiner pose. Why, why would any public figure fool around with these types of images in the day and age of the internet?

  8. Wally Ballou
    February 22, 2012 at 1:14 pm #

    These social networks via internet are fair game. You post it anywhere, you share it with the world. There’s no privacy online.

    February 22, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    Dan: I’ll bet you the Nilan’s will be elected by the demo’s unless they pull their name (which they should) Also how can MRS. REMO DELGALLO’s name be on the ballot. She is a wonderful woman but I heard she is very sick.

  10. dusty
    February 22, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

    None of those nine candidates have run against Cappy so they are probably OK to receive his vote of confidence.

  11. Dave Bubriski
    February 22, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

    Folks to see Dan and Bill Sturgeon on Out Front TV click this link;…and then type Out Front TV into the show search. I’m sure you’ll agree this was a good lively discussion.

    Some of you might Bill’s sport shirt was woven from green Kryptonite just so he could get the upper hand on Dan. This isn’t true. It was just a nice shirt picked out I’m sure by his wife.

    If you prefer to watch on Pittsfield. The show airs on cable channel 16. Here is this week’s schedule:
    2/23/2012 at 1:00 PM
    2/23/2012 at 6:00 PM
    2/24/2012 at 3:30 AM
    2/24/2012 at 8:30 AM
    3/1/2012 at 1:00 PM
    3/1/2012 at 6:00 PM
    3/2/2012 at 3:30 AM
    3/2/2012 at 8:30 AM

    Thanks Bill and Dan.

    • Nancy P. aka Molly
      February 22, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

      When is the debate between Krol and Mazzeo?

      • Dave Bubriski
        February 23, 2012 at 4:53 am #

        I think they are still working out the details

  12. Swen
    February 22, 2012 at 6:38 pm #

    Could someone explain how these people got on the ballot in Ward 3 for the Democratic City Committee from Ward 3? When and where was the meeting held to pick these 9 people? Does Ward 3 still hold their meetings at Del Gallo’s bar room (and restaurant)?

    • Silence Dogood
      February 22, 2012 at 6:54 pm #

      Under Massachusetts law cities have ward committees. A ward committee is the equivelent of a town committee. A city must have three active ward committees to be able top form a city committee. Between 30 and 41 days after the Presidential primary each ward and town committee is required to elect a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer. In order to qualify for the ballot one must be registered in a party and must sign a paper up to 35 people may put their names on the paper and 5 must sign the other side of the paper nominating those who want to be on the committee. A person may sign both sides of the paper.

    February 22, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

    Just talked to a city hall worker who told me the following. A few week ago a person was arrested for robbing a sports club.( I do remember reading this in the Eagle.) The person arrested was a Pittsfield Fireman (I do have last name and will reveal it later) He is not allowed to work, however he is still being paid. More to come on this one after I check a couple of things out. Anyone have any info on this one????????

    • danvalenti
      February 23, 2012 at 7:31 am #

      Can you contact THE PLANET privately and tell us what you know? Thanks.

      • Hilly Billy 2 in Ward 4
        February 23, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

        any word on that?

  14. GMHeller
    February 23, 2012 at 3:07 am #

    Mr. Valenti,
    What does Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu’s sending a private photograph of himself to his lover have anything to do with anything?
    What in the photograph you post above is any more or less revealing than what one sees on Pontoosuc or Onota Lake on any summer day?
    Where does it say that a person in whom one has trust should not be sent a photo of oneself even in this day or Facebook?

    Yesterday, Mr. Valenti, you wrote that: “We select pros and cons by the issues and the information, not because we see situations and people through the pre-colored lenses of a partisan closed mind.”

    So, Mr. Valenti, you have yet to explain exactly what your beef is against Paul Babeu?

    Further, concerning Mr. Babeu, you claimed yesterday the following (numbered in order):

    1. “GD Phony Bastard.”
    Mr. Valenti, please explain how exactly is Paul Babeu a ‘GD Phony Bastard”?
    What exactly has he done to warrant that expletive and that description?

    2. “The former North Adams city councilor and Berkshire County Commissioner, who moved out to Wacko Land, Ariz….”

    Mr. Valenti, why do you label Pinal County, Arizona “Wacko Land”?
    Is Pinal County any more ‘wacko’ than Berkshire County with BC’s rampant pedophilia, large number of toxin-related Cancer deaths, and arrogant political figures who think nothing of covering up not only the above-referenced epidemic of pedophilia but even traffic accidents that leave the citizenry lying bleeding in the road?
    So Mr. Valenti, what makes Pina County, AZ any more ‘Wacko Land’ than Berkshire County, MA.?

    3. “……got the tight-side-walls haircut before shaving his head….”
    Lemme see, Mr. Valenti, have you noticed how many Berkshire County residents cut their hair very short nowadays?
    Doesn’t former state rep, now Iredale Cosmetics executive, Denis Guyer, sport a similar look?
    Do not a number of Pittsfield Police, Mass. State Troopers, and municipal police officers throughout Berkshire County also cut their hair in exactly the same fashion?
    Mr. Valenti, what is it about Mr. Babeu’s close-cropped hair that you specifically dislike?

    4. “…..and taking his plays directly from the Mein Kampf playbook,……”
    What do you mean when you say “plays” and which of these so-called “plays” are you referencing when you claim Mr. Babeu is taking his “directly from the Mein Kampf playbook”?
    Is it necessary to remind you that Pinal County is less than 140 miles away from a daily flood of foreign nationals crossing the Mexican border many of whom end up passing through Pinal County and in the process plunder the place and commit all manner of illegal acts such as theft, rape, kidnapping and murder, and that Mr. Babeu as county sheriff and one of the officials in charge of dealing with this kind of stuff does not get much in the way of help from federal officials in combatting what can only be called an invasion?
    So, Mr. Valenti, what specific “plays” of Mr. Babeu are you referencing?

    5. “…..soiled the bed big time out west.”
    What exactly did Mr. Babeu do for you to claim that he “soiled the bed big time”?

    6. “Sheriff Babeau, who has made trogladyte, reactionary, rabid-right poltics his ticket to the national stage, …..”
    Mr. Valenti, what about Mr. Babeu’s politics are of a “trogladyte” nature?
    How are Babeu’s politics “reactionary” and “rabid”?
    Also Mr. Valenti, to what exactly do you refer when you make reference to “the national stage”?
    Mr. Babeu appears on radio and television; but then so do a lot of Berkshire residents appear on radio and television, including James Taylor, Yo-Yo Ma, Alan Chartock (who was also recently interviewed in The Wall Street Journal), and even PlanetValenti’s own Dan Valenti who does his best to appear regularly on radio and television.
    So Mr. Valenti, what is the nature of your reference to ” the national stage”, especially when Mr. Babeu is also a declared candidate for the U.S. Congress?

    7. “…. went down in flames after his man lover and he split, and the jilted party went airborne to the press.”
    Mr. Valenti, you claim Mr. Babeu “went down in flames”.
    On what basis do you base your assumption that Mr. Babeu has gone “down in flames”?
    Have you conducted any polls that would lead you to believe that Mr. Babeu has lost support in his bid for Congress?
    Do you have any evidence whatsoever to claim that Mr. Babeu’s candidacy is over or that his office as Sheriff is in any way compromised?
    Mr. Valenti, isn’t it even possible that Mr. Babeu is the victim of a political dirty trick brought about by the confluence of a relationship turned sour and a Democrat opposition candidate desperate to knock his main opponent out of the race?

    8. “That Eerie, 1000-Yard Stare – In Babeau’s time as a wannabe in Berkshire County, THE PLANET did a few radio shows with him. We never felt comfortable with the guy’s manner or that eerie, 1,000-yard stare.”
    Mr. Valenti, in case you haven’t noticed, a LOT of Berkshire residents get that “errie, 1,000-yard stare” sometime in late Winter, early Spring.
    It comes from long periods of insufficient exposure to Sunlight. I’ve always heard it referred to as “The Berkshire Look”.
    In most Berkshire residents, ‘the look’ disappears after people have reacquainted themselves with the Sun come late Spring or early Summer.

    9. “We are sorry to see what has become of an apparently troubled person, who Went West, Young Man.”
    Mr. Valenti, exactly who is it do you claim is a “troubled person”?
    Is it the former lover who violated a trust by publishing photographs meant to be kept private?
    Or is it just possible, Mr. Valenti, that what this really is all about is 2012?

    Paul Babeu is a Conservative Republican political candidate fighting against what can only be construed as a smear campaign being spewed by the opposing Democrat political machine and its incumbent candidate getting down and dirty because the candidate and the machine are desperately afraid of losing yet another Congressional seat to Republicans in the coming 2012 tidal wave that, at this point, looks like it’s going to sweep the wreck of the USS Obama (and a lot of those riding on it) far out to sea.

    • danvalenti
      February 23, 2012 at 7:30 am #

      I have “yet to explain” because I have nothing to explain, nor do I owe you an explanation. What we write, we write. After that, we let the words go and let people dance with the meaning, as you and many others are doing or have done, with different conclusions and interpretations.

      • GMHeller
        February 23, 2012 at 7:38 am #

        Mr. Valenti,
        That’s an incredibly weak response.

        • danvalenti
          February 23, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

          Your grasping, as you are won’t to do, Glen, at thin air. You note, for example, “that it’s just dumb to be photographed at all.” This again proves your Achilles heel: your inability to see beyond your political, partisan, and ideological blinders. This often makes your vision, as if obviously has here, hyperbolic and ultimately silly.

  15. Ron Kitterman
    February 23, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    Great points Mr Heller, the attacks may have come from the Republicans though, but negative campaigns usually work.
    Paul Anthony Gosar ( )is the U.S. Representative for Arizona’s 1st congressional district. He is a member of the Republican Party. Following changes made in redistricting, Gosar was going to seek re-election in the 1st district, which was made less favorable to Republicans, but changed his mind and announced in January 2012 he would run in the newly redrawn 4th district,[ which strongly favors Republicans. He will moved from Flagstaff to Prescott, Az. and is seen as the new odds on favorite.

    • Dave Bubriski
      February 23, 2012 at 5:46 am #

      Democrat or Republican it’s just dumb to photograph your self in you underware and send it to anybody over the net. How mann times does this backfire? Stuff just lives forever once it hits the net.

      • danvalenti
        February 23, 2012 at 7:28 am #

        Couldn’t have put it better.

      • GMHeller
        February 23, 2012 at 7:36 am #

        Dave Bubriski, one could also argue that “it’s just dumb” to be photographed at all let alone to post photos onto the net.
        How do you think photos of Meredith Nilan and also of Clifford Nilan ended-up being featured in both blog and newspaper articles?

        • Dave Bubriski
          February 23, 2012 at 7:56 am #

          I think it was Tip O’Neil who once said never let them take your picture in a funny hat. Let us not forget the photo of the Duke in the army helmet that was ten sizes too big. I don’t think it’s a problem in general to have photos published on social media but folks have to think before they click. It’s one thing to get photographed on a beach but if you’re Anthony Weiner or Paul Babeau self taken photos like this are a little creepy.

          • GMHeller
            February 23, 2012 at 8:15 am #

            Dave, have you NEVER taken a photo of a girlfriend — or she of you — in a compromising pose that was only meant for the two of you to share?

          • Hilly Billy 2 in Ward 4
            February 23, 2012 at 8:30 am #

            Well said Dave…by the pool or at the beach is one thing, in your bathroom in front of the mirror is a totally different thing to share publically

          • Dave Bubriski
            February 23, 2012 at 8:35 am #

            I think people can have entirely happy personal lives without taking andsending these photos around to each other. Keep in mind these images live on servers for a long, long time.

            PB might be a good sheriff in AZ., I have seen him on TV several times and he seems to be well spoken. He might make a good Congressman. Liberal democrats thought Anthony Weiner was a good Congressman but we see what happened to him.

          • danvalenti
            February 23, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

            Creepy is a good word to use here. Dukakis in the tank was plain dumb, as was Kerry in the moonsuit. I also think of Sil Conte with a pig’s snout.

        • danvalenti
          February 23, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

          You’re kidding, right. That’s the best you can offer to Mr. Bubriski?

  16. Scott
    February 23, 2012 at 6:33 am #

    I watched an interesting documentary on evil last night and they defined evil as the conscience decision to make an immoral choice. They studied peoples brain activities while making choices in life or death situations it was very interesting. Ironically one choice a man was asked to make is help a woman bleeding and dying on the side of the road. I found this interesting and comparable to the Nilan/Moore situation. In essence IF Ms. Nilan did in fact knowingly leave Peter Moore on the side of the road that night after hitting him based on the studies her decision to do so is evil.

    • GMHeller
      February 23, 2012 at 7:39 am #

      Scott, It also pays to remember that people do some incredibly stupid things when they’re drunk.

    • GMHeller
      February 23, 2012 at 8:05 am #

      In Re: People doing dumb things under the influence:
      Conor Berry wrote an article the other day about Meredith Nilan having assaulted a family member a few years back.
      Alcohol mixed with bad feelings often results in family violence.
      In the hit-run that mowed down Peter Moore, there’s more than a little possibility that alcohol drunk earlier in the evening was a factor.
      It would not be a surprise to find that alcohol abuse may be at the root of all these problems now plaguing the Nilan Family.

  17. Hilly Billy 2 in Ward 4
    February 23, 2012 at 7:49 am #

    Please stop with the “Dan Valenti hates Republicans” theory Glen…Dan is fiscally conservative and socially moderate…Paul B took pictures of himself, shirtless and in the bathroom and posted it…Fair game, the guy brought his problems onto himself

    • GMHeller
      February 23, 2012 at 8:13 am #

      It’s you who are the one claiming than “Dan Valenti hates Republicans,” not me.
      Valenti refuses to explain anything he meant in his vicious attack on Babeu.
      It’s Valenti that apparently has a real beef with Paul Babeu and rather than explain what that beef is all about, Valenti instead makes a series of ad hominem attacks on the fellow.
      Maybe you, HB2IW4, can explain what Valenti’s beef with Babeu is all about, because Valenti does not seem to have it within him to do it for himself?

      • danvalenti
        February 23, 2012 at 1:37 pm #

        There is no beef from this address with Paul Babeau, none whatsoever. Consequently, there’s not to explain that we haven’t done already.

    • danvalenti
      February 23, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

      Well put, Hilly. Babs stripped in his (or “a”) bathroom, pointed the camera in to the mirror, then posted his beefcake online. That’s why he’s getting a wedgie. Glen sometimes can’t help himself. His ideological provincialism gets in front of his eye tooth, and he can’t see what he’s saying.

  18. Hilly Billy 2 in Ward 4
    February 23, 2012 at 8:28 am #

    Glenn, I don’t think its a legit beef as much as it is Dan commenting on a Big National Story that had some local and personal storyline to it, that’s it as far as I can see it, no more, no less

    • Karl Atwater
      February 23, 2012 at 8:39 am #

      Thank god he didn’t reveal similar photos of Barney Frank, or Chris Christy.

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