Európolis Management

Europolis Management will be involved in artist representation and production. We are upgrading our current 16-track digital recording studio with 24-track capability. We have signed our first two acts. Mick Valenti and  Vampyre. Look for our first release in early spring, Mick’s “Beatlesque.”

Initially, we will focus on musical production and releases. This will include all aspect of management and production of talent. Europolis will produce music for a variety of markets, including pop, rock, and blues; classical; music for film and video; music for corporate use; and music for other commercial uses.

Our plans call for an expansion of art representation, including original works by contemporary artists.

Our Contact Information:

DAN VALENTI, Europolis Management, PO Box 1268, Stockbridge, MA 01262. e-mail @ No phone calls please.