(FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, THE WEEKEND EDITION NOV. 30-DEC. 3, 2018) — Guess what? The freefall corruption that has gripped the City of Pittsfield shows no sight of stopping. The word is out to every fore flusher, carpet bagger, Ponzi schemer, and “developer” that there’s free public money and no accountability!

After Nuclea and the Beacon, officials have the next two muggings of Mary Jane and Joe Kapanski lined up. The first is the seed pod beginning to sprout on Tyler Street, as developer David Carver goes public about how, unless he gets help from the public treasury, the St. Mary’s Church project will be sold to the gypsies. Cue state rep Tricia Country-Buffet, mayor Linda “Lounge Seat” Tyer, and OCD crime boss Deanna “Retread” Ruffer.

We shall leave St. Mary’s for another day. Today, we take up the upcoming hike in water and sewer fees.

You know that 2-cent “reduction” in taxes so proudly trumpeted by City Hall? It’s about to be washed out along with the phosphorous and aluminum to Long Island Sound by huge increases in water and sewer rates. The 50% hike takes effect on Jan. 1 and will force more than a few businesses and homeowners to take the pipe.  Thus the rape of Pittsfield at the hands of bad politics continues to curl up and settle in. By the time it’s over, rates will rise from 100% to 600%, depending.

Of course, The Boring Broadsheet, as Cheerleader for the Apologetics Department on City Hall, reported the hike as 32%. Call it creative numerology. Actually, in the next four years, the bill rises from the present $247.69 to a minimum of $466.69 in a series of staggered (and staggering) increases of 50%, 15%, and 12%. That adds up to 77%, but when you consider compounding,  the final tally will be AT LEAST 100%. The pain could end up being much worse. Water Wizard Craig Gaetani estimates that the increases could be as much as 600%.

Gaetani has a Dec. 10 presentation before the city council’s public works committee. He will outline an alternative to the city’s plan, one that he says would save taxpayers millions of dollars. Gaetani won the hearing only after wearing down the council with his persistence in a 6-5 vote. Narrow, but like in hand grenades, close is enough. Chris Connell chairs the PW subcommittee. Members are Kevin Morandi, Tony Simonelli, Donna Todd Rivers, and Helen Moon. He deserves a fair and serious hearing.

———- 000 ———-

How the discrepancy in the estimates? Digits from City Hall are not symbols representing factual numerical quantities but hieroglyphics meant to be manipulated for political purposes. They use numbers to lie. Ask finance director Matt “Kufflinks” Kerwood for the tutorial if Tyer isn’t around.

Another inconvenient truth The BB left out of its reporting is the corresponding rise in meter rates. The city will jump metering from the present $1.91/cubic foot to $3.69. That’s a rise of 93%, using the city’s own numbers. The daily rag didn’t think you should know.

In announcing the increase, Tyer used the pathetic “it’s not my fault” trick, claiming she “inherited” the mess. A CEO crying about “inheriting” a mess from a predecessor is executive immaturity, not leadership. Fact is, inheriting a problem is irrelevant; it’s what you plan to do about it.

THE PLANET respectfully reminds Tyer that more than 10 years ago, the EPA’s new standards made Pittsfield in violation for aluminum and phosphorous discharge into the Housatonic River. This was a bureaucratic move whose true purpose was to justify the jobs of paper pushers. The city wisely fought the order. Of course, this is Pittsfield. It bungled the case, presenting documents so sloppy the courts threw it out unseen. In bold face, the case was never tried in court. There’s every reason to believe that ten years after, a court challenge would win, removing a $74 million bill.

Tyer wants to borrow $50 million from the state’s Clean Water Trust Fund. What of the other $24 million she will need? Gotta mirror?

———- ooo ———-

“We’re hard at work all the time looking for ways to save money,” Tyer said.

Idle thought: How much has the city already spent on consultants for this project? Kleinfelder (design) and Russell (rate study) have been parked with the meter running for some time.

Madame Mayor, do the Kapanskis a favor, will you? Stop looking to “save” them money, because every time you do, they get skinned alive.

The mayor also blasted the “inaccuracies and fear tactics” spread by the Water Wizard.  Perhaps he speaks too much of the hard truth for her tastes?

It comes down to three choices:

  • The mayor’s plan — Wastefully expensive.
  • A court challenge — Every chance for success.
  • Gaetani’s plan — Saves millions.

THE PLANET recommends the courts, based on the deficiencies and cost of the mayor’s scheme and the fact that we haven’t seen what the G-Man has in mind.


“If you can go through life without experiencing pain, you probably haven’t been born yet” — Neil Simon.



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  1. Halo
    December 2, 2018 at 6:46 pm #

    Why move your fat asses when you can App everything?

  2. H
    December 2, 2018 at 7:23 pm #

    What was the answer to the original question… if the Beacon was a failure, only to the tif contract what would happen to the building.

    • AgentSmith
      December 2, 2018 at 7:39 pm #

      The city has no stake in the building. The TIF would be rescinded and any performance not met would incur the residual TIF “payback”

      For example: let’s say there’s a $1 million TIF.
      It’s “forgiveness” is ten percent a year for ten years (unsecured)
      The place stays open for 2 years then folds.
      $200k would have been forgiven, $800k would be due.

      In many TIF scenarios the entire amount would be due if they don’t meet 100% of their commitment. The other thing that many localities do is issue TIF bonds, generally tax exempt, to help “fund” the financing.

  3. H
    December 2, 2018 at 9:23 pm #

    Thanx,interesting A S.

    • Art Seller
      December 4, 2018 at 3:26 pm #

      When one looks at the people that scump has surrounded himself with you can easily see what kind of person scump is. All liars criminals and schemers and low life’s just like scump. Scump will have a very disturbed week end and will have to start thinking of resigning or face certain impeachment. He truly is a very bad person with no moral fiber. He has the country divided and has not even one accomplishment as president. There is no need to dig for negative hiddens because what he is doing is creating crimes right out in the open. I can’t see how he can escape the most harsh treatment. Impeachment. It doesn’t look good for scump. My money is on him being gone by late march. We will see.