Books by Dan Valenti


* Fearless Public Speaking: How to Tame the Terror of Talk (Peter Lang Publishing, pub date TBA)

* Verse or Adverse: How to Understand and Enjoy Poetry (Peter Lang Publishing 2024)

* Write It Real: A Practical Guide for the Prose Writer (Peter Lang Publishing 2022)

* Third Person Singular: 33 1/3 Poems Each, with Jerri Chaplin and Paul Kocak (Planet Media Books 2022)

* Baseball Comes Home: A History of the Baseball Hall of Fame Game, 1940-2008 (CR Custom Publishing, 2008)

* Under a Grapefruit Sun: Red Sox Spring Training a Quarter Century Ago (Rounder Books 2007)

* Talking on Air: A Broadcaster’s Life in Sports (with Ken Coleman, Sports Publishing Inc., 2000)

* The Doctrine of Chance (Mountain Books, 1993)

* TJ: My 26 Years in Baseball (with Tommy John, Bantam Books, 1990)

* Grapefruit League Roadtrip, 3rd edition (Viking Penguin, 1990)

* Cactus League Roadtrip (Viking Penguin, 1989)

* Clout! The Top Home Runs in Baseball History (Viking Penguin, 1989)

* Grapefruit League Roadtrip, 2nd edition (Viking Penguin, 1989)

* Grapefruit League Roadtrip (with Ken Coleman, Viking Penguin, 1988)

* The Impossible Dream Remembered (with Ken Coleman, Viking Penguin, 1987)

* Diary of a Sportscaster (with Ken Coleman, Literations, 1982)

* From Florida to Fenway (Literations, 1981)

* Cities Journey (Cellarway Press, 1981)

* Red Sox: A Reckoning (Stallion Books, 1979)

Edited by Dan Valenti

* Chasing Willie Mays: Chronicles of a Fan Left Behind, by Paul Kocak (Introduction by Dan Valenti) (Creators Publishing, 2016).

* Vertically Coastal by Jerri Chaplin (Planet Media Books, 2011)

* Spring’s Third Day by Laura Gross (Planet Media Books, 2010)

* Consoling the Heart of Jesus: An Ignatian Retreat by Michael Gaitley (Marian Press, 2010)

* Triumph Over Cancer by Dr. Ron Sobecks, M.D. (Marian Press, 2010).

* Divine Mercy: A Guide from Genesis to Benedict XVI by Robert Stackpole (Mercy Press, 2009)

* The Purest of All Lillies by Donald Calloway (Mercy Press, 2008)