This small, literary press began in 2010 and operated until 2014. It has been revived and will begin active work early in 2022. Our aim is to publish high-quality manuscripts of great literary merit.

JERRI CHAPLIN, poet, lives in Charleston, S. C. She is the author of Vertically Coastal. That book is available at, and Planet Media Books. Published in October 2011. Jerri is also coauthor with Paul Kocak and Dan Valenti of Third Person Singular: 33 1/3 Poems Each. A Planet Media Books title available on beginning in February 2022.

LAURA GROSS, journalist and poet, who resides in Sheffield, Mass. She is the author of Spring’s Third Day, a collection of poems published in September 2010.

PAUL KOCAK, co author of Third Person Singular with Jerri Chaplin and Dan Valenti. He is a native of Stamford, CT and is the author of 18 books. He now resides in Syracuse, NY.

Titles to Come:

DAN VALENTI, The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” (tentative title). Available in summer 2022.

DAN VALENTI, Collected Poems. More than 200 works. To be released in fall 2022.