Manuscript Submissions

The submission process for PLANET MEDIA BOOKS is simple. You can send manuscripts for consideration to DAN VALENTI, PLANET MEDIA BOOKS, PO Box 1268, Stockbridge, Mass., 01262.

(1) Do not send your only copy.

(2) If you want your material returned, you must include a SASE.

(3) Send hard copy only. No “e” files at the submission stage.

(4) Work must be original. Preferably, the submitted work has not been published in any form. Work previously published will be considered, but the author must have clear title (copyright) to the work. We work in all genres and do not limit subject matter. Our primary concern is brilliant writing.

(5) For further inquiries, contact DAN VALENTI at, cc:

Each project, each author, and each situation is unique. That being said, our standard deal involves a cash honorarium up front to the author and royalties after publisher’s initial investment has been realized by sales. Publisher assumes all costs of publishing and marketing. Authors are expected to contribute with time and talent to the marketing of their books. This will be a heavy factor in accepting manuscripts for publication.