— the exit of Randy Moss worry anyone? From day 1 of camp this year, the New England Patriots have made it clear that with their three-tight-end capabilities+, they are moving to a spread-it-around offense. Moss has not been a big factor in the team’s 3-1 start. The Patriots lead the NFL in offense. True, Moss did force opposing defenses to play up top, and not having him in the lineup shrinks the passing lanes underneath, but Tom Brady is a master at that kind of O, the kind that produced three Super Bowl titles.

— The Berkshire Eagle refuse to cover in-depth the many hot stories that make a one-time-only splash and disappear? Why is Conor Berry kept on a “one-and-out” leash on stories such as child molestation charges made against Carmen Massimiano and the ouster of Angelo Stracuzzi at Greylock Federal Credit Union following his fun in Biddeford, Maine?

— Ward 2 councilor Pete White keep backing away from the impression he gave during his successful campaign last year, that he would be an agent of change not afraid of “following the money?” Why is he content to have a place a the “big boys” table, where he is fed scraps?

— the public school system in Pittsfield continue to put up with out-of-control behavior, especially in the middle schools? Why are administrators and teachers so afraid of laying down the law, for example, when the mom of an 8th grade boy complains about the recent topless photos her son received from girls at Reid?

— A.M. radio in Pittsfield have to be so tame. “All milquetoast, all the time.” The Planet, when we grace the local airwaves, is the only entity not afraid to actually SAY SOMETHING.

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