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(FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, MONDAY SEPT. 23, 2019) — So the lil’ high school snowflakes got their free day off. Bully for them.

They disguised it as a “protest,” as if they would know the first thing about actual remonstrance. Of course, intimidated public school administrators, having lost control of their wards, feigned encouragement by spouting B.S. about the value of the chitluns “participating in wider conversations about important social issues.” What else could they do? Translation: “We have lost control of the little monsters, and we are too scared to take it back.” Vaping kids rule the classrooms, corridors, and cafeterias.

THE PLANET does not argue the science of climatization here. That’s an entirely different story. Besides, the pupils’ protest had as much to do with climate change as Neil Armstrong had to do with green cheese. This was about the “adults” playing politics with the kids as game pieces and the kids playing hooky.

And it came to pass in Pittsfield that the high schoolers joined in the Global Climate Change Strike. The little spits have this down to a science. Up next, Earth Strike, Friday Sept. 27. Another day off. Another lost day in the school calendar. Notice how these “principled,” or is it “principaled,” protests never happen on the weekend. It’s always Friday.

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It’s been over long ago for the Pittsfield public schools, but just in case you still think nearly 75% of the city budget is worth a school system producing fresh crops of dumb-dumbs — babying punks and punishing good kids who want to learn something — JIV McCandless, the district’s Barney Fide of a super, has produced the new 63-page “unification policy” governing student behavior. The booklet emphasizes pupils’ prerogatives, informing kids of their options if they feel their “rights” have been violated. This “JIVes” with the leftist reinterpretation of “restorative justice,” taking away responsibility for one’s behavior and blaming everything on others. The kids are being taught to be professional victims.

If Johnny is found in the girls room taking pictures with his smart phone, you’re discriminating against his “right” to choose his gender. If Miss Landers catches the Beav and Larry Mondello surfing the net on smart phones while she’s explaining why 2+2 = 4, you are jumping on their “rights” to free speech. The booklet says little on the expectations the district has of students. The little dweebs know that if they stop short of ax murder and rape in the corridors, they’re untouchable.

How perfectly this insane policy embodies the embarrassment known as the Pittsfield School Committee!

C’mon down, Kathy Yon!

How do you tell a woman pushing 70 that dressing 20 doesn’t fool anyone? How do you take this train wreck of a chairwoman seriously when she has abandoned her responsibilities? She along with JIV must be held personally responsible for the ruin of countless young boys and girls. Reminds us of the John Lennon song, “How Do You Sleep?

The actions of JIV and Yon are criminal but not in any legal sense. They’re guilt is a moral and ethical one. It lies in the reckless pursuit of money and power at the expense of young lives. It lies in ignoring their duty to work tirelessly to establish and enforce proper controls so teachers can do what they were hired to do: not babysit, not have to endure vile language and physical assault.

———- ooo ———-

This is your Pittsfield Public Schools in action.

  • It costs you nearly 75 cents of every tax dollar.
  • It cost you millions more this year.
  • It will cost you millions more next year.
  • It will cost you millions more the year after that. And that. And that.
  • The school committee won’t stop this reckless situation, neither will the mayor, council, or any other special interest. The only ones who can stop it are Mary Jane and Joe Kapanski.

JIV and Yon must think it all a big joke. We’re sure they are perfectly good people in their private lives; this is all about their performance on the job.

Then again, Hitler was a great painter, loved children, and babied his dogs.


“To be good is to be in harmony with oneself”Oscar Wilde, from “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”



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Big Climate Change meeting at the library tonight. Did all of the far left liberals in Pittsfield go? It should be standing room only since this is one of their major obsessions.

Johnny Absurd
Johnny Absurd

Would you like to prevent them from going Pat? Stay home and be happy in your own little paranoid world. Climate has nothing to do with you but please allow others to exercise their freedom ok? Please?

johnny absurd
johnny absurd

Looks like Tyer is going to grab all she can on her way out the door. Maybe she could be Trumps press secretary.

Planet Valenti