In this week’s print version of PLANET VALENTI, published by the Pittsfield Gazette, spell out the End As We Know It, courtesy of technology and the young zombies known as “digital natives.” Next week, we peer deep into the future. We tell you who is in and who is out in the 2011 Pittsfield city elections. We also deliver the fate of several other topics of interest. You’ll be surprised what you read about council president Gerry Lee and VP Pete Marchetti.

Thank ye

On another note, we thank all those who contacted us on this new venture. As we take baby steps in building PLANET VALENTI into an online force, we measure the pace by the giant leaps to occur next year, when this site will be a serious rival to the manner in which news and commentary is collected and disseminated locally. Patience and persistence is all.

Bowler Gets the Nod

A former detective colleague of sheriff-elect Tom Bowler effusively praised the 24-year lawman.

“We worked on many cases over the year,” the retired gumshoe said, “and he was the best. Thorough, attuned to detail, with a great attitude. Tom’s a family man, reliable, and he’s going to make a great sheriff. He has a good relationship with Jack Quinn [second in command under Sheriff Carmen Massimiano] at the county lockup. That’s going to help him alot.”

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