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(FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, MONDAY OCT. 21, 2019) — Sources connected to the District Attorney’s office tell THE PLANET that extensive testing of physical evidence taken from the scene of the alleged racial attack at Bard’s College (Simon’s Rock) show no indication the incident ever occurred. A D.A. source says the alleged attack never happened. The source also says the “victim” was more a perpetrator.

Tawana Brawley anyone? Jason Smollett?

Supposedly, a white male or males dragged an 18-year-old black female student 75 yards in the woods, then attacked and stabbed her. Great Barrington police found no evidence of the attack. That didn’t appease the troublemakers on campus, and, with the school as dupe, the story — rather, the non-story — has been allowed to infect the county.

Berkshire County Andrea Harrington has released details saying the woman faked the story. THE PLANET commends her, because that will help calm the waters. We call upon Bard to bring the full weight of academic discipline on this faker. For whatever kicks she got out of being a flashpoint Brawley, she has helped to ruin an academic year for an entire student body. Education ought to mean more than that.

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 The D.A.’s office tells THE PLANET the alleged incidents of swastikas and other racially offensive graffiti found on campus were done to stir up racial turmoil. The D.A. says the girl [alleged victim] was part of a group that put up the graffiti. If this is true, these “students of color” invented an explosive incident. Again, Bard administrators must do their job and hand out consequences.

This aligns with a report from Police Report, a Veddy Connected PLANET source, who also says the alleged victim of the attack had a hand in the other racial markings: “She was actually the person on tape, along with at least two other ‘students of color’ who carved the swastika in the partitions and who scribbled “Nigger” all over campus bulletin boards.” [EDITORIAL NOTE: Police Report did not use the word “nigger.” PR used ‘the ‘N’ word.’ It is THE PLANET‘s style not to empower the word by euphemism. Editorially, we use the word in all its ugliness.]

The D.A. says the Barrington police got it right. According to the D.A., the victim’s cuts did not align with holes in her clothing. There was no evidence of the girl having been dragged through the woods. There was no sign of “defensive” injuries such as those that would be consistent fighting an attack. There were no evidence of assailants. Lab analysis of evidence taken from the girl and the scene all pointed to a fake story.

If this information is correct, we have another fake hoax.

Scared administrators at Bard, in their epic mishandling of the incident, over-reacted. They shut down classes for a week, deciding, in effect, to punish the entire innocent student body. We wonder how many students and parents of students feel ripped off when the school refuses to deliver its basic services, costly ones at that.

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Social media poured lighter fluid on a narrative that, not long ago, would have been dismissed without a public trace with the perpetrator(s) kicked out of school. Today’s troublemakers, however, realize that when there’s a cry of “racism,” authority will rush to judgment, ignore the evidence, and bend in Joaquin Phillips’-like contortions in response. They do this to avoid further protests, cash-grab lawsuits, and additional claims of “victimization.” In doing so, they make victims of us all.

Bard administrators must realize these “students of color” have put the school’s credibility, to say nothing of their own personal accountability, on the line. What will these campus authorities do in response? Will they lose control of the campus, or will they act for justice?

One can only hope the young woman and her friends learns from their mistake. THE PLANET also hopes the same for the Bard administration. It will take a while before their lost credibility with and in the community finds restoration.


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Carol of Dushar
Carol of Dushar

Does the BIC provide security or will the janitor do double duty?



EMA will build the space chamber

They don’t know what they are doing, they’ve never built one before.

The business will flounder. They will fold in under 5 years of It will end up getting damaged contaminating the site.

What people didn’t mention, in order to test space devices, those device need to be present. No one is going to ship millions of dollars in components to Pittsfield.

EMA also lied there are dozens of these chambers, much better ones at nearly every space facility.

$206,000 is over 1/3 of the investment it will create two jobs, and will eventually ruin the building.

Done in under 5 years.


Where the hell were you when your voice counted?

Beacon and Eggs
Beacon and Eggs

The Beacon has laid off most of its staff and runs with, at most, three people during any given week day. They have quit paying for the ultra high def upgrades for the projectors, so now when you go see most of the movies, they don’t fit the screen. They are much smaller than full screen and letterboxed on all sides. If you sit in the back, it’s equal to watching a 55 inch tv from 6 feet away. They also quit paying for software upgrades and are now having difficulty controlling the volume of the movies. Some movies exceed safe hearing standards. The building is leaking everywhere, the basement is flooding, there’s sewage backing up on a daily basis. They average less than 30 people a day in receipts. Slow days, they do about 19 people, this is with the extended schedule. If… Read more »

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